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Patterns in Glass – Just Glass Seminar Talk

Ruth Shelley, Rachel Phillips, Georgia Redpath, Helen Slater Stokes and Kate Jones.

Ruth Shelley is an award-winning glass artist whose main interest is colour, especially how it is
affected by shape, form and pattern. She is especially interested in the control of flow of glass
when heated.
Ruth comes from a background of textiles, although she has been working with glass for over
twenty years. She has attended many masterclasses including North Lands Creative Glass, UK,
and Bullseye Resource Centre, USA, which enabled her to develop and experiment with shape,
form and colour. Ruth won the ‘Glass Sellers’ prize at the British Biennale in 2015 and her
artwork has appeared regularly in Crafts and Crafts International. She has received many
awards from the Welsh Arts Council and she is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society
and the Makers Guild of Wales. Her work can be seen in many UK galleries including London
Glassblowing and Contemporary Applied Art.

About Just Glass
Just Glass was formed in 2003 and comprises a group of glass artists who have all at some time taken advantage of the opportunity to study or teach warm glass at an Adult Education Institution in the UK. Members include award winning artists at the peak of their careers as well as those just starting their journey in glass. Their work ranges from tiny, intricate pieces to imposing, large-scale works in glass, from domestic vessels to abstract sculpture.
Just Glass have been holding a biennial seminar since 2008 dedicated to developing the skills and profile off British Studio Glass. From the diversity in kiln-formed glass, technical discussions on finishes and polishing to the contemporary glass artists pushing the boundaries in glassmaking, these seminars have provided a valuable forum for experienced glassmakers, those new to the art form and anyone interested in studio glass work currently being made in this country.

Website: www.just-glass.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/just.glass/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/just_glass_/



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