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Contemporary glass artist

I am an award-winning glass artist who has been working with coloured glass for over 25 years. My main interest is colour, with shape, form and pattern following in close succession. My signature style boasts vivid, dramatic colour in kiln formed glass. I am also interested in the reflection and refraction of light as it hits a glass object.

Much of my work is inspired by the landscapes of mid-Wales where I grew up. My dropped vessels create an interplay of light, form and colour that evokes the natural world around us.

With a background in textiles, I became fascinated by glass and have attended masterclasses at centres including North Lands Creative, Caithness, Scotland, and Bullseye Resource Centre, Portland, USA. These enabled me to develop and experiment with shape, form, and colour. I have also worked alongside architects on numerous restoration projects.

I won the ‘Glass Sellers’ Award at the British Glass Biennale 2015 and my artwork has appeared in ‘Crafts’ and Crafts International. I have received many awards form the Welsh Arts Council. In addition, I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and the Makers Guild of Wales. I am continually experimenting and pushing the limits of glass.

My work can be seen in galleries throughout the UK galleries including London Glassblowing, Contemporary Applied Art and European galleries. I’ve sold work nationally and internationally.