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10 June 2022

Earth/Sea/Sky – CGS exhibition at Peter Layton London Glassblowing Gallery

EARTH / SEA / SKY 01.07.22 – 23.07.22 2022 is note-worthy for a number of reasons: Firstly, it is the United Nations International Year...

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10 June 2022

A Passing Glance Exhibition

A Passing Glance The first of our Summer exhibitions, A Passing Glance features paintings by two Falmouth based artists: Steven Buckler and Philip Lyons, both of...

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Into the Deep Collection
26 February 2021
Exhibition Albany Gallery - March
22 February 2021

Exhibiting at the Albany Gallery – April 2021

11/3 – 3/4/2021 with Penelope Timmis and Gwyn Roberts

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