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Chroma Culture ovals

Sisial Collection – (Whisperings) – Phonetic – Sishal

The Sisial Collection is based on cutting, layering, and assembling various pieces of glass by arranging them to form patterns in shapes and colour. It is then fused in a kiln, shaped by gravity and coldworked. They are inspired by my background in textiles my love of travelling, and from observation of colour, balance, and tone in nature. They are vibrant, unique, full of colour and expression.

I’r Dyfnder (Into the Deep)

Deuawd (Duo)

Layered several different colours of glass gives these vessels a two-tone appearance as I reproduce colours that I see in nature. Each vessel is unique. They are shaped by gravity as it stretches hot to the floor of the kiln. The vessels are then ground, polished and sandblasted to finish each item.

Casgliad Helyglys Hardd – Roesbay Willowherb Collection

Helyglys Hardd (Rosebay Willowherb)

Rosebay Willowherb flourishes in Britain’s roadside verges. I was mesmerised by the constantly changing appearance of this plant which flowers from July to October. I have captured these changes in three colour themed vessels representing the plant in July, August and September. Each is varied by layering several different colours of glass when a subtle balance of tone and form only becomes apparent after their time in the kiln.


Textiles Collection (Fabrics and carpets)

The Textile Collection explores the appearance of ikat woven fabrics and rugs, re-creating them in kiln formed glass. I have reproduced rug designs by painstakingly recording the designs and then cutting and balancing small pieces of glass to represent each knot of the carpet. It is fused into a panel that mirrors part of the carpet, before stretching with heat and gravity to create the vessel. The inter-play of light, form and colour creates glass sculptures of textile fabrics representing a circle between my past and present.